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Solibri Model Checker

The software that will revolutionise how we design, construct and maintain buildings.

Solibri Model Checker™ is out of the box software solution (Patent Pending) that analyzes Building Information Models for integrity, quality and physical safety. The system offers easy-to-use visualization with an intuitive walk-in functionality. With a single mouse click, the system X-rays the building model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components and checks that the model complies with the building codes and organization's best practices.

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The trial version is a fully functional time limited version of SMC.

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Solibri Model Checker™ adds value throughout the life cycle of the building. It is extensively used a growing number of building owner and users, construction companies, architects and engineering firms. Solibri Model Checker™ is a valuable tool for:

  • Building owners checking designs against program requirements
  • Architects and Engineers delivering cost-effectively high quality 3D building information models
  • Construction companies obtaining reliable and up-to-date cost estimates
  • Facilities Management FM operations for checking material life-cycle and maintainability


Watch Now:

This short video shows you how to detect and report clashes within your project.


Solibri Model Checker helps you find and visualize issues and problems before and during construction. It will also provide a wealth of information that can be taken off throughout the building’s lifecycle and utilized for needs that include area calculation, accessibility and building code compliance.


Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is our flagship product. Here are few reasons that make it unique to the market:

Second Generation Class Detection

Automatically analyze and group clashes according to severity. Find relevant problems quickly and easily. Investigate the quality of your BIM files.

Deficiency Detection

Prevent issues in advance. Use SMC and its logical reasoning rules to search for components and materials missing from the model.

Verify Matching Elements in Architectural & Structural Designs

Use SMC to locate flaws and exceptions in models made by different design teams. Avoid expensive rework by knowing both models match.

Managing Change Orders or Design Versions

Manage and track changes between two design versions of the same model. Save time with easy visualization and verification of model changes.

Instant BIM Data Mining

Be assured on the quality of information in BIM designs. Then use SMC for easy and instant information takeoff. Use multiple report templates that best suit your user role or create one yourself. Measure spaces and materials on the fly and share with others.


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