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All Solibri products and extensions for ANZ* will soon be accessed at One new mega site for all 3D design products, tools, training and support for the architectural and manufacturing industries. Stay tuned!

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All Solibri products and extensions for ANZ* can now be accessed at The mega site showcases the best of breed design software for the architectural and manufacturing industries. You also have immediate access to training, support, hardware, recruitment and systems integration solutions for all your design needs.

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Work with BCF files inside ArchiCAD and Revit

Communication = Control

Models are checked to identify actions that need to be addressed and within what  timeframe, as required. Starting the communicating of these issues lies with the checking software where the issues are found. Saved into an 'Open' file format like BCF with viewpoints, selected objects, snapshots and comments the goals are to be able to use this Issues file in any modeling software and for the model checking software to be unaware of which modeling software was used.

Screenshot of ArchiCAD and BCF

Improved grip on quality

A BCF file contains information about issues in the model, the status of these issues, the person responsible, recommended or suggested actions, and of course whether actions are done or not. The KUBUS BCF Manager plug-ins for Revit and ArchiCAD elevate cooperation in the OpenBIM processes to a new level. You will generate fewer errors and you will achieve flawless communication. The plug-ins are available for Autodesk Revit 2014 and both Mac and Windows versions of Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17.

First Results

Initial experience shows that the use of BCF provides a much improved workflow as well as eliminating the need to transfer large BIM files over the Internet. BCF focuses on the process and how to cooperate with different BIM software instead of just addressing the features of one specific tool.

Revit screenshot


Make messages, viewpoints, and snapshots within the model, and then transfer them without the model to other parties.

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